Dec 5, 2019


The Most Magical and Wonderful Time of the Year ...

As most of you already know, I'm a June baby and was born and raised in Dubai. Snaturally I love summer and would be totally okay with burning up under the sun all year long. But I gotta say, I LOVE winter fashion. There's something about figuring out ways to express your style and be creative and unique while still trying to stay warm. It's a fun challenge and you know I'm all about challenging my creativity and style!


So here's a couple of winter trends that I am loving, maybe this can inspire some of you :) 

Patent leather all the way!!

This year, the obsession with patent leather is unreal and frankly Prada is taking the LEAD. Leather has always been a winter fav, seen on every runway from Chanel to Ralph Lauren. Interestingly enough, the leather craze started with the Romans, who were known to always go into battle kitted out in leather!


This winter, every known brand is releasing patent leather products, mainly Prada. The Prada gogo boots and chunky lug rain boots can be seen on every blogger this month, so it is safe to say these products have taken over the fashion market! Doc Martins are not far behind, they recently released a patent version of their famous shoes and any fan has certainly purchased them. 

Patent leather tights and bags are also currently a craze. The natural stretchy and water proof quality of the material makes it comfortable to wear as well as very practical.

Click on any of the collage pictures above to be able to view the product website ...

Say goodbye to millennial pink, cause purple is taking over!

Ever since Pantone named Ultra Violet color of the year in 2018, people have been obsessed with purple.This winter the NYFW runways were decked out in purple. From blazers to bags, purple seems to be the color of 2019 as well! Im talking all kinds and variations of purple, from light pastels to deep plums, mauves, and magenta variations. 

If you're a color obsessed fashionista, then this trend is for you! Brands like Moschino and Tom Ford are truly embracing this color and a lot of bloggers can be seen experimenting with this trend. Personally, purple isn't a color I could imagine myself wearing, especially since my style is pretty toned down but you do you girl!

Prints, Prints and more prints!

One obsession that completely took over the fashion world is printed tights/colon. From Gucci to Chanel, every brand is creating their own version of this trend and I’m definitely on board!


Whether they’re transparent or opaque, nude or colorful they are all super easy to style and transform a whole outfit from meh to iconic. My personal favorite is my Fendi tights, pictured above! Definitely a nice touch to an all black fit.

Faux Fur Coats, need I say more?

A favorite every winter season. Not only does it keep you warm and cozy, it can also be a fashion statement!

Simply the finale to a carefully laid out winter fit!


Many brands are being boycotted for selling real fur and people who  wear it are basically being shunned. As people and brands become more aware of environmental factors, faux fur is becoming a hot commodity. This winter the fashion runways are lined with faux fur, from bags to coats to many more fashionable items! Brands are getting more creative with faux fur and its really interesting to see.


(Pictured above wearing my fav long plush faux fur coat from ASOS)

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