May 9, 2019


Dealing with hard times

This crazy pandemic has pushed the entire world into a seamlessly unending quarantine. I personally can't even wrap my head around the whole situation and I'm sure a lot of people can relate. The most important thing we can collectively do as a community is to try to stay positive in a negative situation and of course follow the health guidelines experts have prepared for us. One thing I wanted to do to try to help out in this situation, in my own way, is to share what I've been doing to find inspiration in quarantine and to stay positive in this pandemic. Read on to find out more and I hope this can help inspire some of you guys!

In my opinion, staying positive in this situation is really the most important factor in keeping our mental and physical state in check! Everyone is dealing with different forms of struggles and it could be frustrating to be told to stay positive in the midst of fighting other battles. However, you can do small effortless things during your day that could lift your mental state without you even realizing it. 

One thing that has helped me personally, is discovering a healthy drink to make for myself every morning. My personal choice? Matcha! The learning process of making my own matcha alone was really fun and it's a great therapeutic task to start my day with. Every morning, I find myself getting excited to get out of bed just to make my delicious iced matcha late and taking some time out of my day to sit outside and drink it in peace.

Matcha health benefits:

- High in antioxidants

- Boosts brain activity

- Protects the liver 

- Promotes heart health 

- Defends against cancer

- Increases metabolism

Staying positive

Staying active is another way to boost morale. Personally, it is impossible for me to work out outside of a gym or a dedicated active space. I find myself extremely demotivated when working out alone and I get very distracted from the task at hand. 

Yoga has been my quarantine activity of choice. It's relaxing, stress relieving and an excellent work out that targets the body inside out. If the lock down is bringing forth depressing thoughts and bringing your mental state down, then yoga and meditation is a great way to help combat melancholy.

Two things that have helped me keep my yoga routine in check is setting a consistent part of the day especially for the activity of choice as well as setting a dedicated space to work out in (an outdoor area if possible). This is a great way to stay motivated as well.

My morning routine has pretty much consisted of me waking up at 8:00 AM, doing my self care routine, setting up my yoga equipment outdoors and performing my 30 min of yoga stretches and exercises. It really has helped me not only stay in shape but also stay motivated throughout my day.

Exercise and staying active

Finding Inspiration

Finding inspo in quarantine is something everyone is struggling with. So many of us are scrambling to find new things to do and to discover new hobbies to suddenly get good at! Take that as a challenge and let it motivate you to develop a few new skills to have under your belt when all of this is over. I've been really pushing my flexibility and practicing my splits! 


Personally, I've been really struggling with finding inspiration to create content. I always aim to produce unique content which is hard to do when you're stuck at home. On a positive note, It has been a good challenge to push my creativity and it has been really keeping me busy and distracted! Working from home really freed up some time for me to work more on my blog and that's really what I've been focusing on right now. 

Try Incorporating the above into your daily routine. Choose a nice drink to make yourself every morning, learn a new hobby and perform an activity you are passionate about. Before you know it all of this will be over! Stay positive and safe :)

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