April 23, 2019


If you loose me, you can always find me wandering in Beverly Hills .....

We all know that shopping in beverly hills basically consists of window shopping, but isn’t it SO FUN??? It truly is the best feeling when you strut your fashionable outfit on rodeo drive, taking a look at all of the beautifully designed stores. Definitely feels even better when you’re holding a Gucci store bag, I’ll tell you that. I truly believe in retail therapy and on a cloudy Saturday I shopped all my stress away! Of course the shoes have to match the job! Which is why I wore my favorite block boots. Comfy and chique.

What are the best spots for coffee in OC??

Everyone loves a good coffee shop. It’s a place where people go to grab a coffee, gather around and connect with each other. Whether you love coffee, tea or you just want to hang out with some friends, a coffee shop is the place to go! I'm a coffee addict, but I love my coffees with a twist, so I always try to explore new coffee spots with unique mixes and flavors! I picked out a couple of my absolute favorite coffee spots in OC, scroll down to see more and happy exploring :)

Pandor Artisan Bakery and Café

This coffee shop is definitely one of my faves! Who doesn’t love a bit of sweet with their coffee? Pandor’s bakery is filled with endless dessert options that are all delightful. I definitely recommend trying out the freshly made French cronuts and Mille-feuille. As for the coffee, it comes as no surprise that my favorite is the matcha Late, but their unique matcha x vanilla mix is definitely to die for! 

Head on over and try it out ! 

Instagram @pandorbakery

Portola coffee roasters

I’m sure most of you guys have already heard about Portola. It is a town favorite with a great atmosphere! The best thing about this coffee shop specifically is that there are multiple shops all around OC. So whether you live in Tustin or Costa Mesa, there is always a Portola nearby!! Whether I’m editing my videos or working on my blogs, I love to visit portola to grab a coffee and a pastry (maybe a couple) and focus on my work. Stuffed Donuts x Matcha Late, need I say more? 

Instagram @portolacoffee

Morning Lavender Cafe

I can confidently say that Morning Lavender Cafe is my favorite coffee shop in OC. This coffee shop knows only one season, and it's spring! It is one of the prettiest coffee shops I’ve ever been to and their lavender milk tea is to die for. 


If you’re looking for a unique experience at a coffee shop then you should definitely give morning lavender a try! What a great way to combine a pretty petite clothing boutique with a coffee shop! Once you enter the coffee shop, you'll feel like you stepped into a completely serene and posh world filled with pinks, lavender and all the flowers you can imagine! Might as well expand their coffee shop and add a botanical garden.

Taking a look at the variety of drinks, food and desserts they offer, it can get overwhelming trying to choose what to order. I am here to help you out! For your first visit, I would definitely recommend trying out the house favorite milk teas, my personal fav is the lavender milk tea. So yummy, just writing this is making me wanna go for a visit! The lavender macaroons are a definite must try as well! Do you see a pattern here?

This spot is simply perfect.

Instagram @morninglavenderoc

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