May 23, 2019


If you loose me, you can always find me wandering in Beverly Hills .....

We all know that shopping in beverly hills basically consists of window shopping, but isn’t it SO FUN??? It truly is the best feeling when you strut your fashionable outfit on rodeo drive, taking a look at all of the beautifully designed stores. Definitely feels even better when you’re holding a Gucci store bag, I’ll tell you that. I truly believe in retail therapy and on a cloudy Saturday I shopped all my stress away! Of course the shoes have to match the job! Which is why I wore my favorite block boots. Comfy and chique.

What are the best brunch spots in lA? 

Brunch is my favorite meal of the day, especially when it’s the weekend and I can go all out on brunch and breakfast plans. If you know anything about me, you’ll know how much I love exploring new places to eat in and trying out unique brunch set ups. I truly enjoy dressing up and searching for a suitable restaurant for my brunch plans. Even though I currently live in OC, I am always in LA trying out new unique cafés and restaurants. Despite the traffic and craziness, everyone loves LA. So here are my favorite brunch spots to visit, enjoy!

189 by Dominique Ansel

I really don’t think I have the words to describe how amazing the brunch at Dominique is. Located in the midst of the craziness at the grove, this restaurant is simply delightful. It is split into two parts, Dominique Ansel Bakery (at the ground level) which houses the best baked goods in town and 189 by Dominique Ansel restaurant (at first floor level). If you are looking for a quick bite or some dessert on the go, then the bakery is perfect for you. However, if you're looking for an insane weekend experience of a brunch served family-style, then let me tell you more about 189 by Dominique Ansel.

Imagine a brunch filled with limitless mimosas and so many delicious food items its overwhelming! Well imagine no more cause it exists! There are no menus for this brunch, you just relax with a mimosa in your hand as an array of savory and sweet dishes come out fresh from the kitchen and to your table. All of the different choices will be displayed in front of you and you simply pick whatever you want to try. IT’S THAT EASY!

Instagram @189ByDominiqueAnsel

The Rooftop Grill at The Montage

Whenever I decide to drive to LA, I like to plan my entire day step by step. I always try to start my day in Beverly hills as it’s the most beautiful in the day time. It’s also much less crowded. Located in the heart of Beverly hills at the extravagant Montage hotel, hosting my favorite brunch is The Rooftop Grill. With dreamy views of the entire city and bottomless mimosas, who could ask for more?

What I love the most about this restaurant is the chill seating arrangement of Tables on the rooftop surrounding a gorgeous pool. My favorite item from the menu is (obvi) the avocado toast and the bellini to drink, cause who doesn’t love a good bellini? Grab some chickas and head to Beverly hills to try out this restaurant!

Instagram @Montagebh


Another great place for a quick breakfast in Beverly hills is Laduree. My love for this beautiful French pastry shop is endless. Not only are the pastries tres magnifique, the macaroons are simply to die for. Laduree is mostly famous for their endless options for macaroons and pastries, which are all a must try!

My favorite is the rose macaroon and I love to pair it with some pain de chocolat. I am also absolutely obsessed with their champagne flavors which range from strawberry to a complete cocktail of flavors! I always tend to order a champagne glass to drink, but my best friend recently introduced me to their unique blend of hot chocolate WITHOUT MILK. Yes I said that right! The creamy chocolate flavor is much heavier without the addition of milk and leaves a delicious after taste.


Wow what a way to start your morning. One quick tip about this cute cafe, it's located dab smack in the middle of rodeo drive, which means it's in a perfect location to grab a quick pastry while you continue on with your crazy shopping spree. Shopping x French pastries, couldn’t ask for a better combo.

Instagram @MaisonLaduree

Le pain quotidien

I've carried my love for PQ from dubai to LA. This cute Belgian restaurant is my absolute favorite place to have breakfast or brunch in the whole world, not only in LA. It never disappoints, no matter which country I am in I know that I can guarantee a great breakfast experience at PQ. It all started in Belgium, where PQ opened its first restaurant and was so successful that it spread internationly .


The restaurant itself feels like home, it has a very cozy feel to it with bookshelves and leather coaches with earthy rustic colors all around. PQ has its own bakery filled with delicious tarts, pastries and desserts as well as a brunch menu and lunch menu. Ofcourse, my favorite thing to order is the avocado toast with some cilantro on the side and I love to pair it with a matcha late with extra vanilla flavor. For dessert, definitely give PQ’s original Belgian waffles a try, they are mouthwatering.

Instagram @LePainQuotidien

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