February 24, 2019


If you loose me, you can always find me wandering in Beverly Hills .....

We all know that shopping in beverly hills basically consists of window shopping, but isn’t it SO FUN??? It truly is the best feeling when you strut your fashionable outfit on rodeo drive, taking a look at all of the beautifully designed stores. Definitely feels even better when you’re holding a Gucci store bag, I’ll tell you that. I truly believe in retail therapy and on a cloudy Saturday I shopped all my stress away! Of course the shoes have to match the job! Which is why I wore my favorite block boots. Comfy and chique.

The beach is my sanctuary, I go to relax and to truly be myself .....

Everyone has a certain place where they feel most at peace in. Whether it’s on top of a mountain or in a comfy bedroom. My favorite place to be is at the beach. There is a certain soothing experience that a person undergoes when looking out onto the vast blue body of water. I love smelling the salty air, feeling the sun rays on my skin and hearing the calming sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore. The beach is a place that holds many childhood memories that I will cherish forever. So I ask you, what is your favorite place to be?

Favorite beach spots to visit

My current faves are Laguna beach and Huntington beach, for more of a relaxing walk on the beach or a quick swim. If you are looking for more of a fun experience then I would recommend Venice beach and Santa Monica.


I did just move to Cali all the way from Dubai, so I'm still exploring all of the beautiful beaches this state has to offer. People always ask me to compare Dubai to LA, so here's my beach comparison . The unique beaches in LA and OC can't even be compared to the beaches in Dubai, not to mention the beautiful weather that makes chilling at the beach even more relaxing. The combination of the beach, the nature and the general vibes is sadly non existent in Dubai.

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